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Nothing, really.

September 13, 2008

This entry has no specific purpose, except to provide yet another distraction to prevent me from starting my homework.

It’s gloomy and nasty and icky and rainy and gross today. It makes me want to do nothing, except maybe sleep more. And eat. I did go to the gym this morning, though. I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD OF AN ACCOMPLISHMENT.

So, last night was full of band merriment. Some of the marching band seniors have a small village house, so we headed over there for some quality band bonding. We played some card game that was like those nerdy Pokemon card games I always played, except it was with cowboys and guns and shooting and stuff. I committed assisted suicide after about 30 minutes so that I wouldn’t have to pay attention, because it was boring.

Then, some kid did magic tricks. He seemed to be very intensely proud of the whole magic thing (card tricks are cool, not gonna lie). Another guy there expressed skepticism, and it was a very bad idea. VERY BAD. Heated arguments and various magical demonstrations ensued. Never has bonding or magic been so very awkward, tense, uncomfortable, and HILARIOUS. I heart marching band so much.

Two days ago, Emily G. and I made a cake for her birthday.

A double-layered cake, frosted with two jars of Nutella and sprinkled with crumbled up Pirouette wafer cookies (the tube kind filled with chocolate).


Nutella cake

Nutella cake

It was, by far, the most delicious 10,000-calorie thing I have ever consumed.

Just looking at it might give me diabetes.


Needless to say, we’re both popular now. My life’s dream has finally been realized and I can now die happy.

(JUST KIDDING, that was only middle school. My REAL life’s dream is living in a bounce-house house. AND IT WILL HAPPEN.)

It’s Saturday afternoon, so naturally, I’m sitting on the computer, doing nothing. The rain is limiting.

I’m so jealous of those village-housers. I want to snuggle up in a blanket, in a comfy chair, in my tiny college-sponsored house, with a couple of my friends, and play board games on nice-looking carpet that won’t give you tetanus from skin contact with it. I’d have to import these friends from other states, though, and shipping is expensive, so I guess I should wait.

I’m at point A in life right now. I assume most people have a point B, perhaps graduate school, a career, something like that.

My point B is death. I should really look in to changing that.

p.s. Something is making our hall smell horrible. HORRIBLE. LIKE ROTTING ANIMAL. I think it’s coming from the trash can, but since last night was Friday night, I’m really too scared to look.