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Minimal complaining

September 23, 2008

I really have had nothing to complain about lately, and it’s really pretty depressing.

A few days ago, a cicada decided it might be a good idea to live outside our window.


I even saw it on the window, but decided it would go away. I could have killed it while I had the chance. But no.

I think it did eventually leave or die or something. Okay, complaint resolved. That was kinda lame.

The pee wind is back. That’s a shame as well.

But really, life has been pretty nice lately. My classes are fun, my pants finally expanded again, hula hooping is awesome, as is marching band, etc.

I got off campus for the first time on Sunday! I went with marching band to some little restaurant called Steak ‘N’ Shake. It was gross, but fantastic because anything that isn’t from the dining hall is delicious to me right now. Even though our dining hall is pretty good. Oh well.

I got in to Wind Ensemble! I’m very excited. We’re playing Children’s March. YESSSS.

It’s been a nice week. Hopefully the rest of the year is this cool.


More Unsolved Mysteries

August 29, 2008

Something outside my dorm room makes horrible noises. Every hour of the day, with brief breaks.

The noise isn’t really that horrible, just annoying.

It sounds like some really tall man outside my window is peeing into a very short, empty toilet.

I know, it’s college, and I expect that sort of thing. Really. But it’s annoying, and he starts and stops a lot.

Unless it’s not pee; maybe it’s just the wind.

That would be so boring.