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Music Is Fantastic. That Is All.

August 19, 2008

Just kidding, that’s not all.

For the last three summers, I’ve participated in this little charity music group called LAMA, or Lamorinda Musical Artists. It’s run by a cool guy I used to go to school with, and it’s always small enough that we are able to rehearse in his living room. Which is awesome.

This summer, it was super small. Like, TINY. Maybe 10 people in the band? And that was only the day before the concert. For the weeks leading up to it, we had 5 people max, and three of them were flutes. So it was a little odd, ensemble-wise. I wasn’t sure what the status of the band would be come concert day, so Greg and I started working on a duet as did Emily and Lynn.

The flute duet I gave Emily and Lynn to play was called Allegro by Vivaldi. It was the duet that MengRuo and I have been playing together since we were sophomores. Seeing them outside practicing and laughing together totally brought me back to all the Thursday afternoons MengRuo and I spent in JM practice rooms, practicing that duet and cracking up over our mistakes. That made me smile.

So, when the concert day rolled around, we were all kind of dreading it. We didn’t think the band would do too well, and we were all kind of nervous. Looking back on it, I don’t know why I didn’t have more faith in us. Oh well. Concert time. Emily and Lynn played first. They told me they messed up, but I didn’t notice, because I was too busy smiling like an idiot. Seeing them up there performing, simply for the fun of doing it…it was awesome. And, talking to them afterwards, they were happy. I believe the gist of the conversation was:

“It’s so fun being able to play music when you aren’t afraid of messing up, when you just get to have fun and know that people like it anyway. School band concerts are never like that, Benstein is scary.”

(It’s true. I had fun at Campolindo band concerts sometimes, but only when I played flawlessly. Other times, I’d be in tears afterward. Way too much pressure.)

The wind band pieces went fabulously, in my opinion. I thought it was great, I was smiling the whole time. The notes may not have been all perfect, but damn, I was loving every second of it.

Afterward, I was talking to Emily, Lynn, and Leanne:

“So, did you guys have fun?”

“Yes, it was so much fun.”

“Want to do LAMA next year?”


That made my night.

Then we got frozen yogurt from Papamingos, a total Pinkberry knock-off. I broke my frozen yogurt pact. Fuck. Mmm, FroYo for dinner (and dessert). Then, we went back to my house and played Rock Band. We had a blast.

While I was driving Lynn home, we blasted The Stars and Stripes Forever and sang at the top of our lungs. Fuck, that song means so much to me. I can’t even explain it.

I basically realized then that you don’t have to be perfect all the time to make a difference in someone’s life. Seeing them singing Stars and Stripes and playing that duet…I don’t know, it felt like I had left a little bit of myself with them. Like a legacy. I don’t have to play all the right notes or do all the right things, I can just be myself. Those girls have certainly inspired me, as well. It makes me so happy.

Every once in a while, I get sudden reminders of why I love music so much in the first place. This is definitely one of those.

Music is fantastic…and THAT is all.

This was not a complaint. Hot damn.


Complaint Overload

August 1, 2008

I went to LA this weekend to visit some family.

Bad, bad, BAD idea.

I’m not going to go into detail as to why, since this is the internet, but I’ll condense it in to a few key bits:

1. Dog shit

My aunt lives in a landfill. There’s dog shit everywhere. And if there’s not shit, there are shit stains. Or pee. On every fucking inch of the house. I feel contaminated with some kind of deadly fecal worm or spore just from having breathed in that air for two days.

2. “Green”

“Oh honey, M and I were watching a TV show about being GREEN. We love being GREEN. We always turn off the lights, use a cloth bag at the grocery store, and want to install solar panels, ’cause that’s the GREEN thing to do.”

“Yes, J, because being environmentally conscious is hip now.”

“Oh, no! M and I were GREEN way before it was hip. I’ve been driving a hybrid for like, a year!”

(A hybrid SUV, which carries her and her giant electric scooter that she doesn’t need, to drive a block to the supermarket. Oh J, you’re so “greeeeen”.)

“Oh, and Em, if you don’t know what career you want, how about a career that’s GREEN? Wouldn’t it be nice, making money being GREEN and helping others be GREEN?”

“I’d rather be pink.”


As far as trends go, it’s cool that being environmentally friendly is one of them. Really. But it’s kind of a joke, sometimes…What about those lipstick bottles that are made from special paper with flower seeds, so that if you plant the tube, beautiful wildflowers will grow? Cool idea, yes. But let’s get real. No one plants lipstick. Can wildflowers grow in a landfill? How disappointing.

3. FroYo orgasm

Mother of God. Sunday was the last time I am ever to set foot in a Pinkberry. First, and last. So, my aunt orders these two heaping things of yogurt. And I do not want one. So:

“Don’t like it? Geez Em, I don’t know, but something about Pinkberry…it just SENDS me! *insert weird arm thrusts and oddly orgasmic noise here*.”

Sweet Jesus. Coming from her, it is the most disgusting utterance I have ever experienced. I vomited a little upon hearing that one.

“Sends me”? That, to me, just screams “sexual pleasure”. She really should have just been like “Yeah, Pinkberry gets me off.” Fetishes are nothing to be ashamed of, unless, I don’t know, they are.

I’m sorry, Pinkberry, but that is the last time you have seen my horrified face within 15 feet of any of your stores.

So, anyway. That basically sums up my weekend. There were a lot of more serious reasons why it was an awful weekend, but serious and internet don’t go well together.

But, for five glorious hours, I got to escape. I hung out with my older cousin Brandon and his girlfriend Moye, both very hilarious and generally awesome people. Which made the trip worth it, in the end, because we talked about horror movies and pro-anorexia Xanga groups. Two of my favorite topics of conversation ever, really. It was great.