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More Unsolved Mysteries

August 29, 2008

Something outside my dorm room makes horrible noises. Every hour of the day, with brief breaks.

The noise isn’t really that horrible, just annoying.

It sounds like some really tall man outside my window is peeing into a very short, empty toilet.

I know, it’s college, and I expect that sort of thing. Really. But it’s annoying, and he starts and stops a lot.

Unless it’s not pee; maybe it’s just the wind.

That would be so boring.


College, Day Three

August 28, 2008

I’m just wrapping up my third day at Oberlin. It’s been pretty great, so far. You know, besides the required orientation events and such. Those were shit. But other things have been fun.

I’ve met some very cool people. I’m not a social person…in fact, I’m hanging out in my dorm room right now while the rest of my hall dances awkwardly in a circle to Lollipop by ‘Lil Wayne. Missing out? No…because I have that song on my IPod. Duh.

I’m really not into the mass socializing thing. I don’t like making casual acquaintances, I like making friends. Maybe it’s a character flaw, but maybe not.

My roommate is fantastic! We listen to Damaged by Danity Kane. Which is all the cultural exposure I need, I think. It’s great.

There are small bloodstains on my curtains, but they’re negligible.

The girl’s bathroom lacks paper towels and tampon receptacles, which is somewhat less negligible, but okay.

This all feels like summer camp. Maybe when I start taking 15 credit hours next week, it’ll feel more like death camp, WWII-style.

I don’t have a lot to complain about yet. But I suspect I will tomorrow. Let’s keep in touch.