Mystery: Unsolved

I’m sure you’ll be as ecstatic as I was to discover that the redone laundry does not stink of mystery feet. It smells rather delicious now, actually.

So instead of eating the box of detergent to sublimate my anger, I ate half of a can of Nutella to celebrate.

I’ll never take clean clothes for granted ever, ever again.

Now, if only I knew why everything smelled of feet in the first place. I should call CSI. Except that they’d be all:

“Miss, we found traces of blood, pus, and semen on your walls. Do you remember finding disembodied feet in your drawers?”

Because that’s what happens on every episode of CSI that I’ve ever seen.


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4 Responses to “Mystery: Unsolved”

  1. Moye Says:

    Maybe you should stop using feet soap? I think that would solve the mystery.

  2. Katy Says:

    Hey, I think I’ve read that if you have funky smelling laundry, doing a cycle with some vinegar in it will get it out. I’ve been told (but have not tried it myself yet) that the laundry doesn’t end up stinking like vinegar. Anyway, something to keep in mind in case the weird smell comes back!

  3. Brandon Says:

    I think you should just use Nutella for deodorant. That way you can smell Nutella-y and have easy access to a snack whenever you need it.

  4. Emily Says:

    And the stray bits of armpit hair would serve as a great source of fiber!

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